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Full Version: my halloween nails
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These are on myself so they're no tooo exciting, and don't mind the spider. Btw, how do you guys get short thin lines such as spider legs? I have a teeeeensy brush and still doesn't make them as thin as id wish.
[Image: IMG_20111024_164114.jpg]

These second ones were on a client. Again, I'm not please with the spiderweb lines... any tips much appreciated.
[Image: IMG_1294.jpg]
Aww! how are you not pleased?! They are adorable!
as far as thin lines... i cheat, Cina nail art pens...
You did a wonderful job! spider webs are not easy and I think you did great. I like them both! Big Grin
For super thin lines, I use just the very tip of a #0 detail brush to lightly dot the line in.
I use to get packages of pretty good brushes at Wal- Mart, but since they have redone everything, I will probably have to go to somewhere like Michael's or Hobby Lobby... I get the (I think) sable hair brushes in different sizes to the pack. Then I use scissors to cut them down from the side to make the hairs thin. Some look like they only have 2-3 hairs left. BVut they make thin lines. When they get past using, I buy more. I get the package with 6-8 for about $6


Those look great. Spider webs can be a tough one. I love my dual paint pen/brush by Mia secret. Helps get those lines thin, don't know how I lived without it.
Do you have a website for mia secret? Tried searching them online, and could not find them. thanks. Smile


Quote:Chatta68 :
> Do you have a website for mia secret? Tried searching them online, and could not find them. thanks. Smile
Just got off the phone with 'The Nail Peddler' located here in CO. That is where I got mine, I always shop in person so I had to think hard LOL. Anyway the owner says Mia Secret is a company in Mexico with maybe a store in LA. But she is not order from them anymore.
So Heres what I would do. Nubar has this exact style of pen/brush. They look like a plastic nail polish bottle, you twist off the cap and the striping brush is on the handle, or you pull off the top of the cap and the little needle tip pen is there to squeeze paint from.
Sorry I couldnt find them for you. Sad