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Full Version: **Gel polish & nail designs??
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I have ordered Entity's One gel polishes and I was wondering if you can do designs on the nails just before the top coat and seal it with the top coat??
Will it work?
Well I don't use that brand, but I dry-brush the nail before laying down any art (to prevent bleeding) and after the art is dried or cured I lay down the top sealer. Occasionally I have to finish the nail completely, lay down the art and then reseal it.
What if you want to draw a design, like a flower, with polish or acrylic painting and not to inlay anything?? If the gel color leaves a sticky surface I think it would be difficult...Maybe then put top coat, make design and repeat top coat?
If you are using the one stroke technique, then yes I would finish the nail and re do the top coat. But simple line drawings, swirlies and 5 petal flowers and such can be done before topcoat if you just use a dry gel brush to brush down the inhibition layer first.