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Full Version: Nail Tech in RI
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HI All,

I've actually been lurking on this board for over 4 years now, and I can't believe how it's helped my career!

I've been a full time licensed nail tech for over 16 years and I'm always looking for new products and techniques. I've always been blessed with an artistic talent I seem to have been born with, one of the reasons why sculpting nails has always come so naturally to me.

My first job in the beauty industry was as a nail salon receptionist right out of high school. From there I attended cosmetology school and I've been mentoring fellow nail techs in my area from the very beginning. I just recently became a product distributor for the gel I use, and we'll be offering gel classes come January.

I'm so excited to take my career to this new level. Being a mother of three, the past 14 years has been spent doing nails to pay the bills, but now that my children are more independent I can dive right in to the industry!

p.s. Anyone living in the New England area who is interested in taking a beginner gel nail class can contact me gina