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I have heard some bad reviews about PNS I was wondering if I can some feedback. I love there prices on the little things like orangewood sticks and others.
I have always had good luck with them. I ordered a couple of their 2 for $1 cuticle stones and they were broken when they arrived. I called and was given an almost triple credit on my next order. They offered a refund but I took the credit. So far so good.
I do not suggest ordering online but calling the number instead. I have not had the best luck with their online shopping because it is not that secure (been hacked twice after ordering online from them). But I do love that when I call and order sundries (files, buffers, etc.) they get to me quickly and my order is always right. Something I dont find too often with the "more secure" sites.
I've used PNS several times; very satisfied with their service. I order online. I've used PNS and Nailite, and the only difference I've experienced where I think PNS has the advantage is PNS shows if an item is out of stock before you order it. Twice I've ordered items from Nailite only to find out that the item was out of stock - but not until AFTER I placed the order, waited and received the delivery and the item wasn't in the box, and the packing slip said "OUT OF STOCK".
PNS and Nailite have their own product lines. I've tried items from both; the quality ranges from blah to pretty darn good for the money. Examples: PNS has a pedicure/manicure line that I like; some people on BT forum swear by Nailite gels.
I've had minor issues with shipments from both companies, but both handled the problems wonderfully, replacing broken or incorrect items at no charge.
For sundries, I'd say PNS and Nailite are about the same. Your choice will come down to the specific product preference, because the prices are pretty comparable. Occasionally you find an item that's a little cheaper on one site, but another item you need costs a little more.
Conclusion: In my experience, PNS is a good company to do business with. I've read other posts where some haven't had such good experiences, but I haven't had any problems with them.