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Full Version: Clients with Obscure Sidewalls
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I'm having trouble with two clients that have two different types of nails.

One client has nails that "flare out" as they grow, and she gets something that's like an ingrown nail, only on her fingernails. It's not on all of them, but usually the thumbs and middle fingers are prone to this. I've tried nipping it off but it always comes back. Now we're trying to let them actually grow out. Any suggestions? Also her nails have a very deep c-curve. She wears acrylic overlays.

The other client has very badly bitten nails that we're trying to grow out. The problem is her sidewalls. They are kind of "undefined". Like I can't tell where the nail stops and the skin begins, even after prepping for product. Therefore, the product I do put on doesn't stay on very well, and I can't get that nice crisp sidewall line.

Help me ladies!! :?
As far as your ingrown lady, i would stop nipping the section that is giving problems. Especially (please dont take offense) if you dont know how to care for it. i deal with tons on ingown toes and the way i "cure" them is they have to suffer it. Instead of nipping try gently filing the sharp edge and have her come back weekly or bi monthly for Manicures. The goal is to reduce the sharp edge that is catching in her skin and coax it up and over her skin until it has grown past the free edge. Usually i tell my toe clients once a month, let me check for sharp edges until the pain is gone and absolutely NO self doctering at home. If they let it go to long to where it hurts them they are liable to dig and clip, starting the ingown process all over. On a finger it should take 6 weeks or less to grow unless the nipped edge is very near the cuticle. On a toe 3 months give or take.
for the undefined sidewalls, I suggest a really good cuticle remover, like Blue Cross. I will put a tiny piece of cotton on the nail and saturate with BC, and let it set for 2-3 min. Then I start working on the nail, starting at the free edge. You would not believe all the stuff that comes up!! Next, I'll check out the sidewalls and cuticle edges with a magnifying glass. Just happen to have on built into my desk lamp... :wink: . Once that's done, I know the edges are clean and ready for product. Sometimes to make sure I get the product right where it needs to be, I work under the mag. also. Takes a bit longer but for problem nails it's worth it.

I've got a client like you describe, with the flaired nails and ingrowning corners. I agree, don't cut, it makes it worse. Try to grow the side walls of the nails out past the lateral fold of the finger. Never let the nail go back in deep again, always keep a straight line of nail past it, THEN curve it into a rounded shape if that's what the client wants. If they don't like it, explain the reasoning behind it.
Thanks for the responses!
I will see the client with the ingrown sides today and will pass along the info.