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Full Version: different color for ring fingers
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I'm noticing a trend around here where women will have tips of one color, except the ring fingers will be a completely different color. Anyone else see that? We're behind the times a lot, so maybe this is ancient news. :lol:
Smile Hi There!!
I do that quite a bit!
YEP! I have been seeing this trend for months now.

In July, Beyonce performed on GMA with HOT PINK polish except the ring fingers were both polished bright yellow. Really pretty! Matched her vibrant personality and performance!

Glamour magazine also shows stars on the Red carpet with the same patterns - some subtle with all one color and just ring finger having a glitter added.
Another thing that is popular is a color french manicure, say blue glitter for example where the ring fingers are all blue glitter not just the tip.
I will do that for my lil conservative clients or for those easing into nail's a good option for those scared of their nail art looking tacky ..befor u know it they are doing all of them
I have been do this for 20 years :wink:
I've been doing it more and more this year. At first it was me suggesting it to them, but now clients are asking for it.


You can either do that, or glitter just the ring finger, put nail art only on the ring finger, etc. This is a great way for professional working women to have a little fun w/o it being way out crazy nails that the business world isn't crazy about or allows based on their dress code.
I love doing shellac/gel polish and glittering the ring finger. Its very catchy
I have doing that all year, love it
I had just a few clients requesting that about a year and a half ago. I thought it was strange at first, having a different color put on only 2 of their fingers and the rest of their fingers were the same color. As time went on, more and more clients were requesting it. Since I moved salons, I don't get that request as much as I used to. I think I have more conservative clients where I'm at now.
I have been doing this for a couple of years now.
I do it a lot on myself too and have been experimenting with all my Polish Pro colours and using the ring fingers as a focus finger.
Also always only did art on ring or pink usually both hands tho.. ocacssionally just the dominate handy.. if the client was a fav or they had a special occassion i might opt for a 2 color wispiie on all 10, and add a stone on the ring fingers
I started a lot of my older clients out with nail art by putting it only on the ring finger. They thought that was "elegant". So, when a client only wants one art, I always put it on the ring finger. The different color thing- I think will work well also. Have fun!