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I am interested in knowing what you all charge for this add on? I have no clue what to charge for these.
i see 25 up to 45 from all over fb.. i charge 25 but i only do tip ones on fingers and full on toes.. i dont like the full on fingers.. my girls are too hard on them and i can seal in tip ones in acrylic or gel.. toes they stay fab
Thanks! Is that over the regular service price or with it? Oh and how do we take these off soak off or file off?
additional charge for me.. but some go the higher price and leave it.. i would think that if you are doing a full set of nails you would want to add at least the cost of the product plus some for doing it.. which is what i do..
if they are on nat nail just apply some acetone to remove your sealer product and then peel off .. if on artificial file off with sealed product
Thanks! kathie!
your welcome
Hey Kathy, is there a way to try a sample sheet of these? Thanks RED
cant hurt to ask..
[email protected] tell him i sent ya :wink:
Thanks babe, I just emailed him.. Hey I am now cleaning out the salon( finally) after 8 months off, I know I owe you some products, let me know what you would like so I can ship them out to you!! thanks again,RED Tongue
girl you know i always love your glitter mixes...cant ever have enough.. woohoo..

hey just want to add that i spoke to greg at sheekee this am and he is now coming out with new sheekee sheets.. here.. this is his note to me

I’m going to blow you away with the new sheet layout that we have – it’s going to have 12 toes and fingers on one side and 12 French on the other side. Instead of 17 wraps you will now be getting 24 and won’t have to order French separately.

that is totally awesome!!!
ok babe.. any special colors? thanks doll!!! :wink: