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Full Version: Help discouraged
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Really discouraged - I just can't keep nails on anyone - acrylic, gel, gel polish. I do all my prep work follow product instructions but still they have lift or pop right off. SIGH...
there's got to be something you're missing, and sometimes it can also be the application process. Do you have pix of the nails showing the lifting areas? That would be a big help also. Sharp clear pix showing down the barrel, from the top, and the side view.

I'm sure you've been told check your prep more times than you can count, so I'm thinking it might be more than that.

Where the product starts lifting from is a good indicator of the problem, around the cuticle, down the side, one side of the nail more than the other, one hand more than the other, etc. More info, please.....
i've had the same problem from time to time. I'm no expert, but a few other things that I've learned from my BT family:
1. What prep products are you using? do you use line eliminator when blending tips? that can cause lifting. do you use 99% alcohol to clean the nail plate? anything less (like 70%) contains water and i think that can lead to lifting too.
2. check your mix ratio. tendency of beginners is to work too wet, that can lead to lifting.
3. during prep, are you removing the cuticle or just pushing it back?
4. is your product old or contaminated?

Like Donna said, more details may help us to help you. Don't give up!!! We are here for you.
what grit are you using to deshine the nail bed? i had this told to me recently almost exactly what your saying and she told me she was using a 240 grit file.. not rough enough also primers.. what is your primer and how are you applying.. see there are so many reasons and things that could do it.. makes your head spin.. we are here to help dont fret