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Full Version: This really happened today!
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So new client comes in, having had acrylics done for "years" at local nss. She had removed them herself. Underneath these acrylics she had NO NAILS on her left hand and maybe a half of each nail on her Right hand. What nails she did have left were full of fungus. I have never, ever seen such an awful thing. When I told her that I couldn't put acrylics on her she went ballistic on me. Told me that if I didn't put nails on for her she would loose her job, and it would be my fault. Apparently, her boss told her that she could not work unless her hands were "fixed". She works in food service. OMG!!! I told her that she didn't need a nail tech, that she needed a dr. Well, she left and she slammed the door so hard that the ceiling tiles and windows rattled. On the way out she called me the b. word and she said she would never be back. (Oh, no---not that!) I had asked her how they put acrylics on those nails and she said that they glued the tips right on her skin and then put the acrylic over them. Who does that????? When I looked out the window she got into a truck that had a bumper sticker that said "people suck." Boy, is that the truth. Anyway, just had to vent and share..... Tomorrow will be better, right?
The whole episodes was a sign to let you know how great a nail tech you are, and to remind you to be proud of yourself for being a true nail professional! Big Grin


Her behavior and her bumper sticker should be a big indicator to you that you don't want her as a regular client. That is probably why she's been going to the "Nail factories".

You did the right thing!!
Gross, I wouldn't want her serving me food!


I don't understand why she wants to cover that infection vs treat it. Confusedhock:
Yes, please, I would like a side of nail fungus with my plate tonight? Cmon lady that's terrible. I get not wanting to see that. But the NSS she was seeing are at fault, probably never told her she had it, and now she doesn't want to accept in needs done or cannot afford to treat it. I hope she is required to wear gloves.
Can you imagine if you put nails on her, then something happened where she blamed you? A reputable, insured nail tech? You would be liable. How inconciderate of her to ask you to risk your lively hood.
She probably doesn't want to treat it because

a) She doesn't know the consequences and figures she can put tips on for life.
b)she has no insurance and doesn't want to pay a doctor.
Oh yuk.

That reminded me of my work experience waxing and a woman who came in for a XXX wax and she hadn't washed for, like, a week and then got angry when I told her I couldn't perform the service on her (too much was awful).

Yes, I believe you. There are people like that out there.
Really, I almost freaked when I saw her. I agree, she thinks she can wear acrylics and it's ok as long as she can't see the mess. But--as a professional, I can't believe someone else would do any kind of service on those nails. I wish she hadn't left in such anger. I would have loved to really talk to her about what was going on and educate her about what needed to be done. I was frustrated about that. I don't care that she was mad at me, but the poor woman needs help. Oh well, some people just can't be saved. Thanks for all the replies. I know I did the right thing, but it's nice to know that other's would have too.
Toothypegs :
> Oh yuk.
> That reminded me of my work experience waxing and a woman who came in for a XXX wax and she hadn't washed for, like, a week and then got angry when I told her I couldn't perform the service on her (too much was awful).
> Yes, I believe you. There are people like that out there.

OMG that just about made me heave Confusedhock:
Unbelievable! Some people just don't have a clue.

I'm sure you are heart broken she won't be back, lol
Scratchbyback.... I so wish there were like buttons to comments. I felt the same way. Thats so NASTY..
I sure am heartbroken that she won't be back!!! NOT!!!!! LOL
First I commend you on not doing the nails, with that said I wish you could have reminded her that she should were gloves at her food service job.
Might be the only way to save her job.
Scratch, the scarier thing is that this sort of thing happened more than once. Some women either just don't care or they don't have a clue about hygiene.

Not sure about the situation in the US but in Australia food safety laws prevent people with afflictions such as onychomycosis from continuing to work, glove or no glove as gloves don't provide a failsafe barrier and there's a concern for fellow workers as well as the consumers of the food she prepares.

So, on seeing those hands a good supervisor would've put her on a health report and treatment would have taken place as part of her work cover conditions (occupational work, health and safety). Maybe this is what has happened to her and she's embarrassed/depressed/desperate.

Again, not sure about the health insurance issues in the US but over here (even though visiting a doctor is advised, some people can't afford it) you can obtain fungal treatments over the counter without a prescription or visit to the doctor.
This whole issue really speaks to what goes on that we don't see. I am somewhat of a germaphobe and it makes me crazy. I am sure it's the same all over the world. We strive to do our best and then we are reminded that not everybody else does. I am sure my client found someone to cover up the mess on her poor fingers and she is happily at work right now. I know where she works and I won't be going there! LOL