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Full Version: Sneaking in....
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Hi everyone.

As a stay at home mum, I got fed up of the kids, so I sold them and used the money to purchase a beauty therapy course and a hot car.
Well. That was my fantasy last week anyway. 8)

Really – a change in my life was needed and so I’ve bitten the bullet and taken on a course of study (I've kept the kids) which includes nails and will lead to full qualification which I am quietly excited about. So far, I am halfway through and have completed nail theory but am embarking on the practical component now (gel and acrylic).

So that I can retain my enthusiasm, keep my standards high and link up with like minds I found this site and have signed on.

I’m in Australia and all the products that are available in the US drive me wild! And the expos look totally mind blowing. But purchasing a nail trainer from Gina Wallace was so worth it and I now have my eye on an e-file.

Anyway, I look forward to learning and sharing with you all. Thanks.