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Full Version: I need help with custom scenting paraffin
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So who knows how to custom scent paraffin? In the event that there is a Pumpkin Paraffin drought starting (as there seems to be on-line) I need some of the good stuff! I've never dabbled in essential oil blending so I need measurements/pound. Please and thank you.
I would recommend an online company called sweet cakes. They sell fragrance oils for candles and soap making. They have a pumpkin spice fragrance as well as many others. I use them when I make soap and never had problem with skin irritation. They would incorporate well with paraffin since you can use them for making candles as well.

I love their "apple jack and peel" for fall
A co-worker & I have been trying to find different scents for our scrubs and paraffin for the fall & winter scents. We have come up with a Chocolate Covered Strawberry, we found imitation flavors at Walmart-Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Rasberry, Mint...
I also want to go to Bath & Body Works. They have some amazing oils for their burners, "scent bugs", and wallflowers. They have great scents for spring, fall, winter, etc. I would check that store out too...HTH! Good Luck!
Thanks ladies! Are these Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils? How much do I add?
I was told by my friend who makes her own essential oils, that no more than 2-5 drops...that is for the soak, scrub, lotion, & paraffin...but use at your own discretion... Smile


As long as it's made for the skin, like scents for soap, scrub and lotion making, it should all go well. If it's for candles then it's likely not recommended for skin contact. I know hobby lobby has a nice soap making isle with scents. And online you will find many sites. I am currently making vanilla peppermint scrub and vanilla cranberry scrub using scents and shea butter.
See, THAT'S why I love BT! Thanks ladies.