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Full Version: Do you think this job is real?
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Saw this ad on Craigslist. The women that has the worlds longest nails should apply for this job! I wonder how much they are paying. I have short nails so I guess I cannot apply for the job.

Individual with Long Fingernails or Salon Owner Help Wanted (Bethlehem, PA)



Looking for someone who has natural, long, strong nails that can tap and drum her nails steady on picture frame and window glass. I needed to make a recording nails tapping/drumming for therapeutic sound. Please.
What an odd request.
What section was it under? I love CL and am on there a lot and it seems like it could be a real job.....maybe for an art/music project? Let us know if you get details!

I am a nail tapper, but can't stand listening to others do it. I can't believe that's a therapeutic noise, but then, nothing surprises me anymore.