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Full Version: Off topic: would this work?
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Ok this is off topic but gel ladies tell me what you think... If my husband has plastic glasses lenses, would gel fill the scratches? You know if you have a clear tip gel will smooth the scratches so why not in glasses? Thoughts anyone?
It would defo mess with the function of the glasses. All of those "wonder sprays" that they sell on tv do. They fill in the scratches but then you don't see the same with them. Get what I mean?


I am no glass lens expert, but the thickness, shape and curve have something to do with the prescription or strength of the vision through the lens, if you mess with that in the smallest way, the glasses will be useless. I wear glasses and I am picturing them with gel on the lens, I foresee a head ache and blurry vision. :cry:
i wasn't sure either but its a neat idea. we're going to buy some cheap reading glasses to pratice with before we screw his up. ive already fixed his ear peice with acrylic. (hes very rough lol) we're going to try dvd cleaner too.
Consider trying Armor Etch to remove scratches if they are plastic lenses: