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Full Version: please help
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I am looking for this tips........ do any of younlovely ladies know where I can get them.....please help

[img][Image: CIMG1153.jpg][/img]
those are too cute!! Have you checked ebay yet?


I cannot find them anywhere and I am the guru of finding things online. Sad
If someone comes across them I hope they let you know. I have a feeling that these may have been sold somewhere like hot topic (a clothing store) or were a special edition item. There are hundreds of decals though and while they would be more time consuming they could be just as cute. Or you can have me paint a box of them for you and ship um out. Ha.
Maybe just order purple tips and the decals you like and create yout own, of to paint jack is pretty simple and I teach people how to see shapes to paint anything, so it would be simple. If your into that kind of thing.
Check mayheps or karlinsu on ebay
If you find out please let us know, I have a girl that would just go crazy for those!


I just got my nail pro magazine for Oct, and there are jack skellington tips along with other Halloween styles in an ad. I am not going to add the link to make it easy for lurking eyes, to find these, so if you do not have the nail pro magazine, you can email me and I will get you the link.
I often get emails from new members with no posts asking for my links or recipes. Just a note, I will not answer emails from new, or non active members. Its just my preference.
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This is the closest I've find to the colored tip ......The print on their may likely be a decal. HTH
Thank you ladies..... there was a nail tch on here that had them on and she was showing some money nails that she had done ..... she was from Az and found them in a nail supple store there. I called and order them over the phone but have no idea what the name of the store was and it was a couple of years again. I have looked every where else as well. I have tried the decals but they are ment to be put on white, so yo dont end up seeing Jack's face. ......... sad I wash i kept the info on where I got them. Thank you all for looking.

any of you great ladies in AZ please keep you eyes open.
ok i think i saw those tips at the asian supply house in houston.. get with donna schur and she can give you their phone number and they do ship
Thank you kailiek

How do I get a hold of Donna Schur? Is she here on beatuytech? but thats where I order them from an asian supply house but in AZ

Thanks for your help
scroll up she postedon here...but i did see some i know last time i stopped in that place.. she can give you their phone number you can call and ask them..and they mail to donna hey.. maybe they still have them in stock
i just ordered two of each from the utah site.. free shipping and 7 day delivery...woohoo
I took one look at them and thought "Nightmare Before Christmas"! But I see I've been beaten to the punch. You can get these decals in the kids' section at K-Mart. They're still very popular.
you might try Nationwide Nail supply in Houston, they've got lots of predesigned tips. They ship everywhere! 800-460-2608
Thank you for looking or giving me ideas where to look. ......... I found them .... CALA makes them, but you have to place a $300 order with them...... finally after much calling around I could got Cala to sell me 3 boxes for these tips.

Donna ..... Nation wide did not have them but thank you for tell me about them.

All you ladies are a great help....... I hope you all stay busy and happy thanks again