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Full Version: Remembering Tom
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I wrote a blog today for Tom. Through many tears, I hope it will help and inspire.

That was beautiful. I wish I could have met him...... Sad
I enjoyed your beautifully written blog.
I didn't know who he was but the blog was beautiful and it brought me to tears. I love this quote at the end of the blog:
“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” –Dr. Suess
Carla.... thank you very much for sharing your knowledge of Tom with us. I have been reading some old articles/stories about Tom and he truly is an inspiration for us all.

Crystal Nails Canada
Carla ur the best & best wishes to his family... He will be misses dearly... =]]
Thank you for that....beautiful!
Smile Beautifully said...
I didnt know Tom but watched him at the show in Orlando one time. He was working at a table with a couple of people, obviously helping them with technique. He was smiling and happy; totally in his element, doing what he clearly loved, and delighted to be sharing knowledge. It really impressed me and I thought about that every time I saw his picture in the industry magazines. Sad
I didn't know who he was either, thank you!.
I also enjoyed reading your post on the blog.