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Full Version: Business license
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On my city business license I listed the name of the salon I am at. If I move to another salon, is that going to matter? When I renew it can it be taken off the license? Same with business cards. I'm thinking of getting new ones that just have my cell on it with no address or name of salon. Will that work? Just wondering because I may be looking for another salon soon if the issues we have can't be resolved.
Hey Terri,
You put YOUR name on the business license
ie; Nails by Terri or whatever you want to call yourself. I would change it right away, you don't need to wait to renew it. It should match your state business license.

You do use the salon address as the location of the business.

As a booth renter, make your own cards with your own name and number.
You can add that you are located in XYZ salon IF you want to but probably with your statement, leave the location blank.

Once you build a good following, they will come to you in a tent in your front yard if need be, lol, so a location may not be necessary.

I would suggest getting a facebook page and business email address to add to the card.
I was thinking about getting a rubber stamp with the salon name, address, and phone to stamp the back of my business cards. All I have printed on them is my name, my business name and phone number. When I do a website or business email, I will add that.
I think I am a bit confused with the business license issueSmile I would like to get the salon's name off of the business license. I called the City and I can do that but the address of the salon will still be there. If I move to another salon, was told I have to submit a new business license. I don't know if that is a CA policy or what. If some of you have moved a few times to different salons, what do you do? I know we have to have the license in view at the salons.