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Full Version: help with promotional letter
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So I am planning a promotional letter to mail out to the the law offices and big corporations that are with in 4 blocks of my bussiness ( I'm a room renter in a spa). I was going to hand delive but I've been havin trouble getting past security! So my one client suggest I mail out to human resources. So here what I need help with! I need some really great lines and wording. I want to tell these people about my great prices, attention to detailn my extended education, the fact that I'm close to work so they can utilize my services during lunch and after work. I'm hoping that they will put at poster with some coupons and busines cards in their break rooms and staff rooms. Ok help! Sample letters would be great too! Thanks tania

If it were me I would do the 3 paragraph letter starting with introducing yourself then services you offer and whatever special offer you have and then close with your contact info.

Ps there is an online service called send out cards that is great for mailings I think it is pretty affordable too.