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Full Version: Konad finshing top coat issues
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I currently use gel products and have been having issues with the stamps. I use all different kinds of polishes, but ive been noticing lately that when i go to put the top coat on my enhancements, it looks like the gel pulls away from the polish ( almost like it shrinks )...does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? I figured its because the polish isnt dry, or that there was oils on the nail, but ive tried waiting it out and cleaning the nail before i stamp. IT seems to happen around where the nail is sealed all around the cuticle and free edge..
Also, has anyone figured out how to clean up the smile line with doing a design on the free edge only? Black seems to be the worst to remove with acetone, just smears everywhere and its frustrating.
ANY help would be greatly appreciated Smile
not understanding the second part but the first
when i do my gels and i finish file with a 180 buffer..then do my konad stamp or even just polish . i seal with a sealer for polish.. sechevite uv.. nailites thin gel sealer.. one of those.. also lcn has one .. be sure to not flood the cuticle and sidewalls and swipe the edges for good seal.. cure 3 min

no pulling away.. but yes if your polish is not dry it will cause problems.. let each coat of polish dry 2-3 min.. and i only have good luck with konad paints with konad stamps.. if you are getting them to stamp with something else please list what it is..

now break down the 2nd part maybe i can get it day
I use a sealer to cap the free edge but it still seems to pull away.
I use any and every brand of polish.
As for the second part, what i meant was that there are some stamps that are just for tips and others are for a full nail design. If someone wants a full nail design just on their tips, i need to figure out a way to apply it closer onto the tip only and have it match the smile line . ? Does that make sense?
yes.. i use cotton swabs and a bit of polish remover on it.. reg not acetone.. and i stamp that whole stamp then go back and swipe the smile line and it looks really good..

now some sog will shrink so are you using that?
also if i dont leave my gels and acrylics a bit rough like i said i use a foam 180 buffer last on them.. then sometimes they will crawl up like they just dont have a good foot hold.. but i dont get that with the sealers i mentioned.

i also dont use polish with the konad .. like i said i coud not get them to work well.. i use china glaze opi zoya and fingerpaints polish.. none did well with the stamps.. i also used my acrylic paints.. no go there either.. :cry:
I'm not a Konad user...yet, but has anyone tried stamping and curing them with their gel polish itself? I wonder...
mysweetjordan :
> I'm not a Konad user...yet, but has anyone tried stamping and curing them with
> their gel polish itself? I wonder...

no but i will.. good suggestion.. will see
Jess, the shrinkage you are describing sounds like there is something on the nail like oil, even though you say there isn't. What are you using to seal with?

As for cleaning up the smile line I know exactly what you are talking about Smile You can try just putting the polish on half of the stamp design, then you won't have so much extra to clean up, just kind of tidy up the smile. And yes, the black is the worst for smudging, I agree!