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Full Version: Clean Spa, a St. Louis foot spa
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This foot spa is owned by a very progressive podiatrist and is 'almost' ready to open - probably after Christmas season but possibly part time for his patients before then. He is going to begin interviewing after Nov 10th. - I will be doing the first one. The interviewing will be a process, including a pedicure.
He is looking for nail technicians who want to perform cosmetic pedicures in a foot spa setting and make good money - this is not your usual nail salon. The focus will be on healthy feet, relaxation, reflexology - Tai Massage actually (training included by a Tai Master), and laser nail treatments for fungal nails (next door in the pod office). Some whimsy thrown in through a new nail art application will be offered. Training will be advanced - three weeks of PAID training including spa techniques, the MNT Program and 40 hours observation in his practice. (He believes you need to know what he does and the MNT requires it.) He will be paying for all the techs to go through the Medical Nail Technician Program, and will be marketing the spa big time to the area! Like you have never known for nails!
If you have questions about the projectnor about a position, give me a call. 863-273-9134 or email me.