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Full Version: Are you Ready to Strut Your Stuff??
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WWWeb Services and BeautyTech are proud to announce the 13th annual Strut Your Stuff Online Nail Art and Enhancement Competition to be held October 1-13, 2011. Featuring an Enhancement and Mixed-Media Nail Art category for both Novices and Experts, the contest will take place on the BeautyTech Web site ( ).

The 2011 Prize list now totals over $10,000 from 22 different companies. Highly respected nail professionals as well as past contest winners will sit on the judges' panel and evaluate the entrants' masterpieces. More than 70 entries were received in 2010 and THOUSANDS of page views!

We will be carrying over the PEER Judging for both Senior Divisions. This went very well last year and I feel it was very well accepted by all.

Yes ladies and gents.. a few days until the 13th Annual Strut Your Stuff Nail Art & Enhancement Competition officially opens for entries!

The prizes list is shaping up real nice now and has been posted! Donations are still coming in and I am not done harassing .. umm requesting from the companies Smile

I've made a few changes this year.. so be sure to REALLY read the rules, they have been finalized now.

Rule Change Highlights

THEME - Required for Mixed Media categories - NATURE
No Essays - essay is no longer required with your entry.
Peer Judging - Both senior categories will be judges by 3 official judges and each senior entrant will judge all the entries in their category. The peer scores will be averaged out and then tallied with the official judging.
Judges - Each category will have a judge that was picked from the groups of techs who submitted a request to be considered to judge (those people will be notified later today)
Enhancements - Cover pinks will not be allowed this year - clear or blush on the beds only
Photo Submissions - This year I invite you to send in the largest image you have, please do not reduce them

Grand Prize

- NAILS Magazine editors will judge ALL the presentation shots (Jr & Sr, Enhancement & Mixed Media) to pick the best cover shot

I think that covers the basics.. The entry fee is only $20, you can enter both the Nail Art Mixed Media and the enhancement categories with TWO entries each if you like!

I hope you all have your brains in gear working on your entries.. The competition will open for entry submissions on Oct 1st and close on Oct 31st.. you still have PLENTY of time and no excuses!

EVERY entrant receives a certificate suitable for mounting and displaying in your salon as well as offers from the sponsoring companies.

Read the rules over carefully, if you have any questions by all means send an email to [email protected]

Remember, this is a fantastic way to test your skills against your peers in a non-threatening arena. No one, not even my husband, will know who submitted which entry, only me Smile

Get your entry in early!!

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