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Full Version: Nailpro show
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I am attending the show this coming Sunday. It will be my first nail show so I really don't know what to expect. I'd like to attend a couple of classes. Is this the time to purchase new equipment such as e-files, lights, products? I may need to load up as I may move to another salon and would be the only nail tech there. Where I am now, the other nail tech has been letting me use what is already there. Any and all info is greatly appreciated!!
You're going to love it! Yes, there are some great deals. I love buying e-files at shows because the price is right and you actually get to test them out and ask questions. Obviously the more big ticket items you buy, the more you'll save.

Try to plan out your classes, and take notes. It's a lot of info, so you don't want to forget anything. But make enough time to go to all the booths too, because they usually have demonstrations. You can learn as much there as in the classes. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Have lots of business cards. You can make great contacts, so you have to be prepared for that.

Have fun!
You must bring some type of bag with wheels like a carry on for the airplane.
It will make your life so much easier. I learned after 25 years. Almost everyone at the NYC show had one.
There is so much to see and it can be a bit overwhelming but so so exciting. Make yourself a schedule and try to go over the list of who will be there and circle who you want to see. Sometimes the only savings you will have is shipping and then there are some companies that have show specials which can be great offers. I took a few great classes in the past. Pack a lunch, if it is anything like Jacob Javits the prices are crazy. At least bring water and snacks and very comfortable walking shoes. Don't dress too warm either.
If RAM is there check out the ergo slim drill. It is very thin,light weight and has a portable chargeable battery pack.
Have fun and shop till you drop!
Where are you located? I'll be there too. I live in the SF Bay area and will be catching Amtrak up to Sac. I hope we can meet up there!
Reesenails - I will be there and I am doing a hands on drill workshop on Monday for KUPA.
Hi Vicki - darn! I won't be there on Monday. Will there be other demos of the drill on Sunday?
No - but I will be hanging out a bit at the KUPA booth if you need me.
I'll be looking for you then!!
I'm going to the Long Beach Show at the end of October; wish I could go to this one. :/
I've got the perfect article for you!

•url=]How to Attend a Trade Show[/url] by Debbie Doerrlamm

and.. I know at least one girl from the forums here will be attending and I KNOW she would love to walk the isles with a fellow BT'er! Hey JULIE... this bud's for you hun!
just got my ticket. I'll be there!!!
YAY!!! I hope I get to meet youSmile
I will be there armed w the salon credit card.. I was told by no means to come back with an led lamp though lol...I'll look for you reese Big Grin. I will more than likely be stalking the Masterworks booth though.

The onsite classes are good, but mostly done in a demo type format unless you attend a networking event. A LOT of mfgs have gotten smart and are having hands on classes all around sacramento and the surrounding areas the week after the show. I know LCN is having a series of classes out in granite bay, Masterworks is doing a class on Monday, CND and i believe OPI have classes set up as well. Awesome time to take advantage of these educators being local and saving on airfare and hotel.

I SO wish I could take advantage of Ms Vicki's e-file course but i just started working part time at a beauty school and couldnt get the evening off Sad
Hey foxydiva! I'll be the one looking totally out of place and confusedSmile Going by myself and have no idea what to expect. I was supposed to go with the other nail tech at the salon that I am leaving but I am guessing we will be going our own ways on Sunday.
lol reese the sac show is nice as it isnt totally over whelming and if u remember what i look like, just yank me by my hair and we will roam together
foxy, I'll be on the look out for you. I am bringing a friend and she has her state boards this coming Wed! Do I need to provide my nail license to purchase product/equipment?