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Full Version: Needing a new E-file...need suggestions
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Hi all, I am wanting to get a better file than what I have now, which is really just some off brand, I can't even think of the name to be honest. But I was wondering what all or some of you use and which you like the best. The one I am looking at is on NTS's site.

The Artistic brand efile. But I just want to make sure 100% before I purchase any of them. Any suggestions would be awesome!
I have a Kupa KP3000. It has been a great e-file, worth every penny.
I have the Erica and I LOVE IT!!! Customer service is great, also.
Go to and view the videos on all the drills and bits I did.


I have the Erica MT20, don't care for it. Too heavy and the hand piece is unbalanced. It actually hurts my wrist and arm. I've actually had clients tell me it vibrates more than my other e-file. I love the Medicool Power Pro 30K. The handpiece is lightweight, balanced and little to no vibration.

You can contact Bruce with Atwood Industries. Let him know what you are wanting to do with the e-file and he will make a recommendation. That is how I got my Medicool e-file. He nailed it spot on.
Quote:Go to and view the videos on all the drills and bits I did.

Would you mind pointing them out? I couldn’t see them.

Idolnls have never heard of Medicool. Will have a look at that. Thanks.
Well I guess that my biggest problem is that I want a small hand-piece, with good ball barrings which I know that the artistic has. You could barely feel it vibrate in your hand and it was SUPER quiet which I liked as well. I just wish I knew of more people who have used it. It also does not come with a foot pedal and I am not sure if all e-files can use any foot pedal or what not. But another site DID sell it with a foot pedal, so perhaps I should keep looking for the best deal.
ERICA all the way!!!!!
There is an Erica on Sway and Shop, its a great price!
I love the kupa upower2g, wrote about it in another post, it's my 4th or 5th Efile lol, can't remember! No vibration or hand fatigue, last a couple of days unplugged, love it because it's portable..forward,'s awesome!