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Full Version: What are you retailing for the Holidays this year?
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So what is hot for this year that all clients will want to buy from us?
I need some retail ideas. Items that will cost over $10. I am totally frustrated because I can order anything that I think will sell, my boss completely trusts my choices. Ahhhhhh! I have no clue what to sell.
Not sure if I should sell costume jewelry. I cater to mostly an older crowd. My husband suggested gift certificates. I will definetly hang them up all over the place within the next few weeks. I just don't want to be stuck with seasonal items that will not sell any other time.
Thanks for all suggestions


How about seasonal scrubs and lotion? I hate to sound like a broken record, LOL but here goes. I am using vanilla Shea butter srub and peppermint Shea butter scrub, piped in the clear jar like a candy cane, and also that same vanilla scrub layered in the jar with cranberry shea butter like ice cream. I cannot wait to get my ingredients.
I have a unique situation as well where I can sell my hand painted ornaments to my clients as well as the scrubs. They start asking about them months in advance. What about finding some ornaments that are about getting your nails done? I have one that says "I love my nails" and there are little bottles of polish, remover, and a nail file dangling under the "name plate" part. I got it from a client. Might have to google something like that.