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Full Version: I need your advice please/
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In a couple of weeks, I will be officailly working from home. I do not have the money or space for a pedicure chair. So what do you suggest that I can use with out looking cheap?

Thank you,
Do you have a nice big comfy chair? Most of the clients I have had are mostly interested in a comfy chair and a nice pedi. I think if you make your space as relaxing as you can for them and give them a good pedi they will be happy.
Have you looked at footsie or be lava? They work great with an oversize chair and clients love the liner system.

I used an upholstered rocker chair for about 3 years til I was able to get the set up I've got now. Here's what I discovered:
1.) The seat needs to allow the client to be able to rest their feet comfortably on the floor. Many of the newer ones are too high for the client to reach the pedi tub.
2.) It needs to be wide and sturdy enough to support larger size people. Sometimes the cheaper made chairs are too narrow for plus size clients.
3.) Make sure it has arms sturdy enough to support a lot of downward pushing from clients levering themselves out of the chair when they're finished.

I found the perfect chair in a resale shop for $50, a swivel rocker about 30 years old covered in gold velvet... :roll: I decorated my shop colors around it to make it blend in. :o Sage green, brown, and gold.
I have the chair for my clients to sit in. Just not sure what to soak their feet in. I have looked at the Footise but I'm not sure I want to spend the money on the liners. There pricey.
i started with a nicer dr schoals foot spa from like walmart.. it looks fine and bubbles great and it had the built in heater so the water stayed warm.. you can doll up your other items like they said.. the chair... build a box for your foot bath to sit on.. your ready to go
I have the Footsie bath and I have to say, the liners do get expensive! I know there are several techs who use larger size pedi bowls, that they can sanitize between uses. If you are giving a great service and a wonderful massage, your clients probably won't care what you put their feet in! I also know a few techs who throw things like rose petals or marbles in their bowls to "dress them up" a bit.
check that chair out..oh yea..not cheap looking at all and dual purpose..massage and a foot pedistal to
I just have a nice tan office chair and a pedi bowl. I love my pedi bowl. They are a little pricey but it is large enough that even men have plenty of room to move around. It is easy to disinfect. My clients love it because i put hot stones in the bottom so that it looks more elegant and the water stays warm.