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Full Version: What brand nail polish do you use?
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Cannot decide if I want to buy Zoya or Essie polishes. THey are both $4 each. OPI is too expensive.
I use Zoya.
I use essie, orly, color club they all satisfy me!
I use Zoya as well.....very happy with it!

Zoya, great range of colors and its NOT sold everywhere you look!
I use Zoya and Essie (Essie only for glazes and a few base coats). I will probably be phasing out of the Essie colors eventually.

- Zoya hardly ever discontinues colors, unless they're specifically "limited edition". Essie discontinues colors regularly.
- Many of Essie's colors go on fairly streaky. Zoya does not.
- I feel that overall Essie polishes become thicker quicker than Zoya.
- IMHO, Essie has been coming out with some really ugly colors the past few seasons Wink .
- The customer support @ Zoya is amazing and very easy to get in touch with, anytime I call Essie I get a lady with an attitude, IF I am luckily enough to even reach her.
- Zoya is only sold on their website or through salons. Essie, after being purchased by Loreal, can now be found in Walmart.
- Zoya offers great promo deals to salons (they almost always have something BOGO) . You cannot order Essie polish directly from Essie, so promos are up to whatever store you're purchasing from.
- Zoya offers color spoons, which are practically free because they give you a coupon code for whatever amount you spend on the spoons to go towards your next purchase. You'll have to swatch all of the Essie colors yourself.

Andddd, lastly, I just got an order in from Zoya and with it came their new catalog. They are debuting three new color displays that run around $430 each that include 180 bottles of polish in the categories of Bold, Classic, or Modern. They look really nice and might be worth looking into, depending on how many colors you are interested in!
Smile I use Zoya and China glaze..

For the same reason Donna mentioned, not sold everywhere, carries the Cruelty Free and Vegan logo.
You guys are freakin awesome!!!!!! I almost went to my local beauty supplier to buy Essie just to save in shipping. I am now leaning towards Zoya. I like the fact that you can't buy it in Walmart.