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Full Version: Young Nails Gel Polish
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I have used two of the Young Nails Gel polishes so far and I love the workability of them. One problem, they are very hard to remove. Any suggestions about easier removal?
One more thing, I really find the numbering of the colors LAME and confusing, sorry guys!!!
I don't like the numbering of the colors either because I'm getting older and it's hard for me to remember which number goes with which color. Not sure if this is true, but I have heard that when a company names a polish, they have to pay to trademark the name of each polish and that is why YN's decided to number them.

I have also heard that their gel polish is difficult to remove. So instead of using their top and base, I use Gelish instead. Works great for me and I can use YN's colors with no problems. I know there are a few girls on this board who only use the ManiQ colors, and hopefully they will chime in here on how best to remove it.
The first thing I will always ask when people are having trouble removing is, are you using protein bond on the entire nail or just the free edge? If you used it on the entire nail, you will never get it off. We only use PB on the free edge because if you are going to get separation, there is where it will happen.

We can remove and reapply in 30 minutes in our salon. We have foil and cotton pad packets already made up, just grab one. We will use a carbide bit to remove the top coat. This speeds things up as opposed to a sanding band. You file until the color is really dull. Put acetone on the cotton, place on nail, wrap in foil with the shiny side to the nail and rap tightly around finger and pinch at nail. Wrap all 10, pull table lamp down and wait 7 minutes.

Pull foil off one nail at a time and using your efile and a sanding band at low speed, lightly file and it will all flake off. When you are done with all 10, you can prep cuticle area with a sciver bit and you are all ready for reapplication. You are at about the 15 minute mark at this point.

Another thing WE do is we don't use MQ Base. We use Original ManiQ for out base layer. It gives it a little more strength.

Hope this helps!