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Full Version: No Shows question and Vent!
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What do you all do about 1st time no shows? Do you contact them? I had one today and am so annoyed! I called her then emailed her. I am so mad, I drove 30 min up and 30 min back from the shop wasting my gas for NOTHING! argh!
Would you be able to confirm your clients the day before? Mention that you do require 24 hours notice to cancel.
If they are a 2 time offender I tell them that if this happens again there will be a charge next visit. I have done it to one person so far.
I have also hung a sign on my wall about my cancellation/no show policy.
These people have some nerve! What do they think, we have a room full of people that we can take instead of them?
I found that having a no show Policy (they initial it at their first appointment) and enforcing it makes the problem almost non existent. When I do get a no show I now can view it as Paid time to do something else in the studio, because I will either get paid or they will not be allowed back on my books. Either way the problem is solved!


That sucks and I feel for you. Did you meantion your policy to the client and do you have it on your website or a place she would have known about it? If so you can look the phone number or name and get an address and send her a bill along with a copy of your policy. If not, then if you get to speak to her, let her know the policy and if it happens again then you can enforce it. We never know why people don't show up, sometimes it's something we can let go, but if its flat out just being inconciderate than they need to pay for the time. They must think that we magically get money if they are there or not.
I would stop driving in for one client @ 30 min each way. I would and do offer a day I have more clients or they get no visit that week, its not worth the gas and the monetary loss.
Thanks girls! I do have it on my website and I told her too, also I told her. "Now if anything comes up please call me and we can reschedule". Let me mention that she is a Hair Stylist; She told me that as we were talking. I had not met her yet, she saw an ad I posted and replied to that.
I think as a hair stylist she would know better than to do that to another in the beauty industry!

I agree if I don't have to be in the shop I am not going in for just one person anymore! Thanks girls! Somedays you just wanna say Wow!
People in the industry are the worse clients! I usually call them after 15minutes and leave a message. Since Ive moved to this town I think people get off on making appts and not showing. Ive never dealt with people like this.
Unfortunatley if your not busy like me this time of year, you have to take what business you can get even if they keep rescheduling or are late. Sorry to be a debbie downer, but clients are so selfish and feel entitled to whatever they want. If we dont give them what they want, they go off to chop shops! I used to implement a 24hr notice WHEN I had a full book before I moved(bad idea) This newtown Id just get laughed at :evil:
Oh my gosh Julie, it's so frustrating, isn't it! We've only had 2 no shows at the salon so far, thankfully! Unfortunately though, I've had the same client no show twice in a row. And the second time she did, she had booked the appointment the day before. So now, she is on the "do not book" list. They only way I will take her back as a client is for her to prepay for her appointments now.

It's so hard to know what to do, especially since she was a first time client. But I would do what the other ladies have suggested and don't drive all that way for just one client.

I would also give them a reminder call the day before. Seems to really help cut down on the no-shows.


Unfortunately it is part of the biz. You never know what is going on in their life. It is up to you as to how you want to handle it. If you aren't worried about loosing the person by charging them a fee for no showing, then do so. Do you have a policy in writing for them to see and each and every client has read it? Then you have every right to do so. Did you contact them prior to confirm the appt?

Personally I don't do it. I don't want to loose a possible good loyal client who had one particular situation make it so they didn't make it. If it's a continuing habit, then I advise them to call me the day they want to come and we'll see if I have an opening. That usually gets rid of them in a professional way. It used to upset me, but now that I've accepted it is part of the business and there isn't much I can do about it, I just let it go. In the scheme of things it isn't worth putting out all the negative energy towards them. I don't however have to drive that far to get to my shop, so I'm sure that would be an issue. You may want to consider calling to confirm appts in the future.
I have this one client who was a no show first time. Second time wasn't showing up and when we called her after a half an hour she said she isn't coming in because she doesn't have the money. I was so annoyed that they gave her an appointment for the following week. Now I am waiting for her to arrive and after 20 minutes I have the desk call her. She tells them that she has diarreah! She said that everytime that she wanted to call us she had to run to the toilet. Doesn't she own a cell phone or a cordless? I think she was just full of sh....t!
And it is a bad time now so it is scary to be so strict with the no show people but on the other hand they have no respect for us and will always do this.
New clients prepay the cost of service in order to reserve; otherwise, I don't promise my time to strangers.
now that i have my square i too am starting to do a prepay policy for new clients.. i am working on writing it into my new brouchure.. 24 hour notice for cancels and cc or pre pay in house to reserve a spot.. if no show and no notice they will pay for 1/2 the service .. i am too busy to put up with this any longer.. and when you call them.. they dont freakin answer.. they know they missed, had no intention of coming what ever.. so i dont harrass them.. i text or call the day before to confirm and that usually nips it in the bud or at least they say..oh sorry i went someplace else.. good now i have an open spot..
To to stay in compliance (PCI), just make sure not to store any CC numbers/information.
thanks i will not..and the phone does not so i plan on penciling in thatcc # on the appt day and if they show i erase it..
i hate that! haf a client do that last week. do you want me to call her and make an appt to get my hair done? i will no show ;-)
Funny lately I had a few people call to ask me if I do Gelish. When I question them a little bit, sounds likt they are looking around. They say they heard it from a friend or their last nail tech. I even had a lady ask me today if she could just buy it anywhere to do it herself. Really? Wow! I told her no that it was best to get it done in a salon. Weird 2 calls in 1 week, kinda like this hmmmm. I did give her pricing, but after I asked her a few qestions. I even had her ask me who else closer to her I could recommend. She did not make an appt. I honestly don't know and told her that. She said she would "think" about it" I know what that means, she's shopping, how frustrating! What a crazy week!