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Full Version: Sunday nail show
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This will be my first nail show. Do I bring my license to be able to purchase what I need? On the back of the ticket it states proof of licensure may be required. My license is in the salon so if I need it, I have to go get it out of the frame. I don't want to get to the show and have someone ask for it.
the normal procedure is that you'll have to check in outside the show area. They will ask to see your license before you get your badge/show bracelet. make a copy of it to keep in your purse for future shows. TX furnishes a small wallet size along with your full size license and it sure comes in handy!
I can just bring a copy of my license? That would be great if I could. Won't be nervous with a copy instead of the original.
I see no reason why you can't. You could go to an office supply like Office Depot and have them reduce it down for you to wallet size, then laminate it if you wanted.
That's a great idea to have it reduced but time is running out so if I can just make a copy and take that, I'll do that for now.