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Full Version: Need a Nail Tech in Vancouver Washington
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I would like to come apprentice with a nail tech here in Vancouver Washington for 60 hr's. I have about 160 left and am going a bit stir crazy at school, a change would help me focus a lot and be able to get it done. I am a student at Manning. I would like more training on Gel as that is not really taught much and I have been working with acrylic for a little over 3 years. I have been working with Shellac and Axxium Gel Polish for the past year and I am confident in my ability's as a natural nail tech as well. But am lacking in the Hard Gel. If you think you can help me please send me a text or email!

[email protected]


Here is some of my work.
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Thank you Kristen Dutcher!!! I will see you Monday morning and I can not wait to meet you and Play with LE gel!