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Full Version: Lucia is just a nail tech.
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Big Grin Hi, My name is Lucia.
I chose this career for two reasons.
1. It was always a dream to become a cosmetologist.
2. Divorce, had to support my family.
I am the middle child of 10, 5 girls, 5 boys.
I have 3 wonderful daughters.
I have been in this wonderful field of nails for 13+ years.
My most awesome partner/husband is my cheerleader and encouraged me to compete at the Nailympics.
This was my first time competing, and I placed fourth/mixed media.(Never expected to place, there was amazing nail art on display)
I just broke ground on a second salon, where I plan on teaching advanced nail art and nail enhancements.
I am in a good place, my book/cup runith over. Big Grin
I hope to have time to do some more competitions.
I do Lot's of nail art.