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Full Version: Gel Polish fun... =]... pic
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I just did these ones today for the nail show 2maro. It's Sparkles Nail Products # 84 Black N White Ball, I placed them one by one with a dotting tool & its Gel polish base coat cure, place them down on the tip of nail but make sure not to go over the edge with them, put another coat of gel base coat cure, Then top coat cure & then wipe. They turned out soo cute I cant wait to do other colors... =]
[Image: 1001011500-1.jpg]


Sweet! That's some serious patients.
sobeit :
> Sweet! That's some serious patients.

Yes I have a lot of it but it really didn't take that long... =]


I'm really impressed with how clean and even you got the coverage with those dots. Big Grin
Those are great!!
Gorgeous Angela! You always inspire me!
wow! I can only imagine how long that took to do! I reminds me of a checkered race flag......great job!