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Full Version: looking for burnt orange color combo
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Hi! Wondering if anyone has a shellac or gelish color combo for a burnt orange color? Help?


I haven't done it yet but what about using red with iced coral over the top? I picture it as working but I don't know. May have to tell us.


I actually did red with iced coral over it and it turns out kind of mauvey. I haven't figured out how to do a burnt orange. I'll ask Holly and see what she says and let you know.
thats awesome.....thank you!!! I wont get to play around with any colors until tomorrow.


Tanya, I do have to let you know that sometimes it takes Holly awhile to answer back. I will get back to you as soon as I hear from her. She is a CND educator, so she gets pretty busy at times.
2 coats of Fedora with one coat Hollywood, here is a photo:
You are freakn fantabulous Holly!!! Its right on what I'm looking for....Thank you Thank you!!