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Full Version: Hot towel question...
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I'm curious as to different techniques with the hot towel portion of the pedicure....

I have been wrapping hot towels around the clients foot/leg following the masque. But some masques recommend a longer wait time and I am finding that the towels get cold. None of my clients have complained, but I'm concerned about it.

Any suggestions on keeping the towels hot?
Or maybe a technique I'm not thinking of?

Thanks so much!
You could always wrap in a warm dry towel but that sure makes for more laundry! Sad
just a suggestion.... i use footie mitts and plastic liners.. like the ones you put on your hands with a parrafin application.... the plastic when wrapped to hug the foot and leg and then the mitts over that hold in the body heat.. then i use a warm wet towel to remove the mask.. i do have the heated foot mitts but some clients complain who are heat sensitive even on low.. i guess its where the electrical is in them


I take plastic storage bags for cooking (not the kind with the zip close, plain ole ones you twist tie, I find them at Family Dollar) and wrap that around the moist towel and then wrap another dry towel around that. That keeps the hot towel warmer longer.
I'm so glad you brought up the hot towel question. I've recently gotten back into the nail industry and haven't started offering the mask with my pedicures yet because I don't have a towel warmer. Do any of you have suggestions on how to warm the towels before using them in the service?

Thanks in advance


I use a crock pot. On high it only takes 20-30 mins. for them to get hot. If you leave in all day on low or that warm, make sure you keep putting water in it

Thanks...that sounds like a great idea. I'm going to try that because I haven't offered the mask to clients who I believe could really benefit due to not having a towel warmer.

Thanks again
We use a crock pot at school. It works great!
When I did hot towels I would wet them, put them in a plastic bag, microwave, them place them in a mitt or bootie. They stayed warm until ready to use. If you are going to use a crockpot you might try just warming up water on "keep warm" then dipping towels in and wringing them out. This is what I do in facials.