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Full Version: East TX networking.....
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this is a reminder about this event. This a low key networking, we're focusing on helping people with issues such as how to do gel nails, how to do acrylic p/w's, lifting problems, gel polish, bling nails, etc. This is a hands on event, geared toward trouble shooting nail problems and helping a struggling tech create a sellable nail.
We've got Brenda Anderson from TEN coming, and she's demo'ing TEN along with e-file certification, for an additional fee. Madelyn Johnson with Star nail will be there to demonstrate Star products. We'll also have Greg Bloomfield of SHEEKEE nails coming by to say hi, and deliver some goodies. Shelly Hawthorne is coming to help show how to do 3D for those who want to take your work to the next level.
the cost is $25, the date is NOV. 12/13. The location will be Salmon Lake Park, Grapeland TX. There are cabins for rent on location and people who're still looking for roomies. The area is gorgeous, the location looks like an old West town, and we'll be meeting in the Town Hall.
For more info, go to the Texas Nail Tech F/b page and join. All info is on there.......!/groups/249614438384575/
donna we have a great bunch of gals coming ..this will be very good!
Donna, how is the event shaping up. Do you have a count on educators and attendees, I'd like to send something for the event.
its going to be really good, i have 25 girls coming and we would love for you to send something, you can send it to me
kathie kirkpatrick
582 county road 1660
grapeland, texas 75844

colleen ramsey and diane self are coming also with nubar items as well..
but ellen, send it out asap.. we only have 6 more days....wooohooo Big Grin
Sorry I didn't see this sooner, Ellen....yea, what Kathie said! We're really impressed with the number of educators that's asked to come to this and the co.'s who've donated. To all that have, we sincerely appreciate your support in what we're trying to do, provide help and show new things to nail techs for as cheaply as possible.
In the tight economy we've got right now, it's hard to find extra money to travel with, pay hotel and food bills plus class fees. All the educators coming to this, TEN, Star, and Nubar are paying their own way to come help make this possible. Shelly will be giving a class Sunday morning on 3D technique and hopefully one stroke painting if we have enough left Sunday to do it. YN and Onyx have also sent kits for us to use, along with Famous Names, Mystique, Sparkles, Nailite, and now Ellen wants to help. I know I've left out some names and I'm depending on Kathie to help fill in what I've forgotten coz she's got all the goodies at her house.
This is TRULY non product specific, and we'll be helping with gel, acrylic, and art nails. The cost is $25 and that covers the rental of the building and food for Sat. for us to snack on. If you are able to make it, we'd love to have you, and you can pay at the door!