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Full Version: CND Master Painter Class
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Hey girls! I'm taking my first nail class next month and I was wondering what to bring to the class. I'm class CA certified and just started doing nails. I'm too scared to take a gel or sculptinng class yet. I think this class will inspire me to be creative and give me some confidence. Any advice would be great. Holly sent me a list of a few items to bring just want ideas from everyone.

I just attended the class in Denver at the end of August. I just brought tools and towels....wasn't told to bring anything else. What was on the list from Holly (just curious)?

Have a great time and hope you enjoy it!
Holly suggested I bring naked nails, pusher, curette, a towel or 2, and water spray bottle. I don't know what towels to bring though lent free or just regular hand towels.