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Full Version: Hello & Please help
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My name is Brook. I'm 20 years old, I live in Oceanside/North County San Diego. Working in the beauty industry is my only real passion, besides studying animals. Since I do not have the opportunity to go to school forever and study biology, I'd like to become licensed in medical aesthetics and make it my career.
I am PASSIONATE about cosmetics and skin care, and have been ever since I was a baby, literally. I remember putting on face cream and pretending I was working in a spa offering beauty tips to on-lookers when I was 3 years old LOL. I did modeling as a kid, so I was always around cosmetics and make-up was my hobby at an early age. When I was a teen I had mild skin problems and it caused my interest in skin care to peak. I became very interested in researching skin care and beauty solutions, and this has continued into the present.
I am tremendously interested in medical aesthetics. Can anyone recommend a good college that trains in this field in San Diego/Oceanside/Carlsbad/La Jolla... anywhere in my locale? Thank you so much.