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computer screen and strangle STUPID people? I came across a forum randomly as I was looking for a little info on Gelish Distributors near Baltimore, MD... and came across The Purse Forum. All these people ranting and raving about how "We can do gelish and shellac ourselves" and how "We would never go to a pro-salon, it's a waste of money" etc. Looks like FingerNailFixer posted in there and all hell broke loose with these girls. I seriously started to make an account... ready to ream them a new one... I'm screaming shaking mad right now... I PAID to go to school, I spent hours and hours, days and days educating myself, and they look at us like we're money grubbers.... THE NERVE! I need a valium. RIGHT NOW. I mean, how would those women like it if we walked into their place of business, somewhere that they paid good money to get a master's degree in, and just took over, doing their job, all shoddy and DIY style, with whatever their version of gel polish in their cuticles would be. OMG... My boyfriend actually just asked me to chill, I'm yelling at my computer screen right now. :END RANT:


Can I ask you a few questions? I will anyway. How was your business yesterday? Last week? Last month? Was is doing really well or poorly or in between? The reason I ask is this; the purse forum and others have been up and running since the gel polishes came out. And your business was most likely not affected before you ran into the site, and will not be after you have read what they have to say. Your not loosing business to clients who want to do their own nails. Those are not your clients on there. Majority of them visit sub standard salons as I read it an think $25 ads ons are a rip. Can you blame them based on their previous negative nail appointments? So these people have always wanted a cheap way, either discount shops or at home use. They are not your target market.
How many regular manicures do you do now? How many were you doing before? Those clients could have been polishing and filing their own nails all along, but their not. So shrug it off. Knowing what they are saying did not make your clientele disappear.
I know that, and you're right. I'm consistently booked almost a month in advance. I should be happy, I AM happy, I guess at this hour, when I'm exhausted and getting ready to relax and climb into bed after a long day, anticipating another long one tomorrow, that I come across that one thing that kind of sets me off. I know my clients aren't going to leave me to do their own nails, and if they DID, I'd make sure I call those other clients (Who forgot to prebook etc) and fit them in their place. I was more irritated at the way they talked about FingerNailFixer, seeing as how I'm always reading her posts on here and taking her ideas and advice to heart. I'm VERY protective over my fellow NT's, I'm quiet on the boards, don't post much, but since I started nail school ten years ago, this place has been a haven for me, and an endless supply of knowledge.

wow and apparently I have another account on here hehe, see what happens when I browse the interwebs this late at night?


Those ladies on there if some of them can be called that the way they talk, they are just not worth your time. Not any of our time. Let's spend time laughing and living, and not wasting a minute of our preciouse lives indulging those DIYers. You just keep rockin your business.
I agree. Dont sweat those people. They wont hurt our business...
At the end of the day, people still want personal services.
Very well said Peggy. If we focus on those people and 'other issues', we are taking our focus away from our customers and what we do. It's not worth it.
I thank Gel Polish of all brands for giving my business the boost it did. I'm now booked solid and have a waiting list.
There are questions asked by "pros" on BT and salon geek that I know the answer to and could help with, but I won't. I just lurk. I won't get reemed for being a non pro there, EVEN THOUGH YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A PRO TO GET A LOGIN!!!! Whatever. I'd never let any of them touch my nails with carry attitudes like that. I am a nurse, but I dont expect people to never treat their own injuries at home. I need not fix every little boo boo. Ok. Off my soap box. The issue just really upsets me!

These people crack me up.


SillyGem: That post by the nurse, its frustrating when lurkers like that or member of this site or any other have the nerve to call us unprofessional because we get upset or have an opinion. We have been called snobs, low end servers, told gel polish is not rocket science and so on by outsiders and insiders and its a joke.
We are people, we think, feel and react to situations like a human. Those women don't need to come to us if we are such rude nail techs. I feel like half the time anyone who needs to say stupid things like that, they are reading one thread that is a touchy topic. To that nurse. Not all nurses are professional either. I have been a victim of that. And PS to her, we don't expect the entire population to be required to visit a salon for any reason. Polish your own nails at home, color your own hair, trim your bangs, scrub your feet, do what ever you like. No skin of my back. LOL. Seriously, I am so sick of being viewed as a servant who should kiss the feet of those around me so they think I am professional. They need to get over it, our profession is important to us and it is what we love, but we do not have to accept poor treatment from a client. So they are welcome to do their nails at home, just like they strive to do.
I view beauty tech members as my coworkers. Have you ever joked with a coworker? Have you cried with one? Had a disagreement with one? What about your clients, ever laughed with them? Told or listened to personal life stories? Given your opinion? That's not unprofessional, that's life. None of you are unprofessional and I hope you never let those who say so make you feel as such. Forget them. They can learn all they want here on BT, if not here it will be youtube, and just plain old search engines. These clients are not on my books, and they are not ever going to be. I am all good with that. I have plenty going on in my business as is.
Good riddance to the client who thinks we are all such rip off with no brains.
In response to the nurse's comment nurses and doctors have said similar things about the wealth of health information available on the internet, and having patients trying to self diagnose and 'do their job.' At the same time I understand where they are coming from. I read a thread on salon geek someone posted to the tune of "Help on an acrylic kit i got from ebay" get ripped to shreds as expected. Some clients will ask what is this, what is that for i don't have a problem telling them. I will DIY anything and love arts and crafts. I can't count the number of things I've done or made myself. The only thing I will not mess with is my hair and chemicals lol.
Wow, Salon Geek, Confusedhock: You've really got to have a tuff skin to participate in that board. For those who think we're snobby, try that one!
So, I decided to check this forum out for myself. After reading the gel polish threads I have come to several conclusions. First let me begin by saying, these type of DIY's DO NOT affect my nail business! In fact, when they mess it up at home, they're the ding dong's that come in to me begging for me to fix their mess! So, considering I now know they read this forum, keep doing it yourself ladies and when you mess it up, thanks for the extra income!

With that said, this is what I've learned:

They think we are money grubbers, to this I reply, do you work for free? NO, then I guess you're a money grubber too!

They think we aren't a true profession. Your uneducated opinion means NOTHING to me! I busted my butt in school and continuing education classes as well as some college courses to make myself an even better professional - so you can kiss my PROFESSIONAL butt!!

There will always be DIY's sneaking to get professional only products! To this I say, for every one that try's to order from Nailite, go for it! Eventually we will discover and block you from ordering! I found 2 from this forum today. Guess what, you won't be ordering again!

It's not just a matter of getting their hands on professional products, it's also a matter of legalities! If you order from a professional only company and get the product, mess it up and injure yourself in some way you put the professional company at risk. To that I say SHAME ON YOU! The chemicals and reactions are NOT for an uneducated person to play with!

I've also learned that they are learning from each other how to circumvent the Professional Only safeties to get the pro only products. Again, SHAME ON YOU!

Also, now that we know, we will be watching!

I also saw that they enjoy making fun of us! Go for it! Laugh all you want! I won't loose one bit of sleep because you think you're getting something over on me! Your opinion is neither requested or required! I AM a professional Nail Technician! Obviously, you are not! That is something you yourself prove by posting how you are applying the products! In fact, it made me laugh hard at how UNeducated you are!

To all those DIY's that "lurk" here and try to take the information we share with each other to educate ourselves more, you will not truly understand it because you don't have the basic knowledge to back up the advanced information we share with each other!

To my fellow Professional's, don't worry about the women on that board, you all make them look very uneducated!!!!!! Oh, and sorry this was so long!!


Mare, you are amazing! Thank you for saying all that. Yes let them read this. LOL thanks for the money ladies of the "I messed up my nails" club.
And your right to tell them off about our price lists. Do they work for free? Because if not, I want an explaination as to why not? And I also want to known unless they work at a flea market, are there paychecks negotiable? Doubt it. XOXOXOX So Be It.
You're welcome!

I did see that a new person to that forum is asking how to get OUR products! Should be interesting to see what they tell her! LOL!

Gotta call the girls and put them on alert!!

What is that line from Forrest Gump? Oh yeah! Stupid is as stupid does! :lol:


Denied.. Hahahahahahahaha..
Yeah, but do they know the appropriate after-care? Do they know the type of nail gel polish best goes on? Do they know how to do a gel polish pink n' white or gel polish nail art (peacocking etc.)? Do they know how to add a wrap or traditional gel to a "softer" nail to add strength?

I look forward to fixing TONS of DIY-er gel polish "mistakes" out there. Tongue
Nailite Rocks :
> You're welcome!
> I did see that a new person to that forum is asking how to get OUR products!
> Should be interesting to see what they tell her! LOL!
> Gotta call the girls and put them on alert!!
> What is that line from Forrest Gump? Oh yeah! Stupid is as stupid does!
> :lol:


Btw, this is slightly unrelated, but I've just recently purchased your soft and traditional gels and I'm REALLY loving them, just wanted to shout that out Smile
erindoesnails :

> Btw, this is slightly unrelated, but I've just recently purchased your soft
> and traditional gels and I'm REALLY loving them, just wanted to shout that
> out Smile

Thanks Erin!
OMG Mare - you rock!!! Big Grin
Yep, I'm going to keep an eye out for her posts. Smile
ROFLMBO!! They really do read this forum!!!! I just went back on to see if they had taught the new DIY'r how to get our products and found this!

Perhaps one of the Nailite 'spies' ( we know who you are and so do you!) can feed that back to the company along with the details you fed back to them about DIYer's last week?????

Well, yes, I do know who I am thank you very much!

To answer your question Erin, NO they do not know how to do anything correctly!! That is apparent in the pics they post as well as what they tell each other on how to do whatever!!

Again, thank you DIYer's you really give me job security!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Sort of a bit off topic here but,

I'm a member here and at SG and yes I would have to agree, sometimes you do need a tough skin over on SG but I think it helps to rid the wishwash from the pro's.

As to DIYers, yep, they will always be around and there is nothing we can do about it as techs, the only thing I personally feel could be done is if ALL the companies who say they only sell to pro's and their products are for pro use only, actually did what they say and only sold to the pro's.

We live with such technology that it is not hard these days to scan, fax etc copies of our cert's through, maybe even take it a step further and require some other form of ID to make sure that Sally isn't borrowing Anna's cert's sort of thing.

I agree with Sobeit and others, these DIYers will not kill our businesses, infact I think in time, we will increase our business when they all come running to us pro's cause they have so many problems from their DIY jobs and want us to help fix them, cause no woman or man for that matter, likes to have disfigured nails/fingers but this is what they will all eventually get, even if it does take a year or 2 to happen.
Is all you have to do is read the many posts about the small end problems they are already experiencing to see, in the end they will come to realise it wasn't a good idea after all to use all those PRO ONLY products.
Here's the thing ladies...I respect each and everyone of you as professionals...

....with that said, let's be honest SOG is one of the easiest products out there to use. The most damaging part of the equation is the removal and acetone, which is available to every tom, dick and harry, so that tells you something about the nature of SOGS.

Do some DIYers mess up and need professional help? Of course. But I have seen the questions and problems the 'pros' run into as well. Just as there are better professionals out there, there are the DIYers out there with a brain that can certainly handle SOGS.

As others have said 90% of DIYers are DIYers by nature and were probably doing their own manicures at home, so they are taking nothing from you as professionals...this is just another option for them. There are those like me that are in between, sometimes I like to be pampered and I go to the salon. Sometimes I like the option of DIY. I go faithfully for a pedicure every 2 weeks, I am friendly and loyal to my tech, I tip well and even remember her at the holidays. I don't think any less of her just because I 'can' do it at home....and hopefully she doesn't think any less of me or bad mouth me because sometime I get a manicure and sometimes I don't.

Last point, just because a product is labeled 'professional use only' does not make it illegal for the general population to use. Most of the times that is just a CYA move by the company should anything go awry....and honestly part of that is lip service to the NT community. I vividly remember one Mr. Danny Haile ranting about tightly controlling inventory and distribution of Gelish and how it could never fall into DIYers hands...I found that odd, considering I had no problem getting it (and neither did any of my friends). Now here we are just a year later and what product is being sold at Sally's? Gee, that would be Gelish. Mr.Hailes statements also included spouts about being a NT, first and foremost and his commitment to the NT community...I guess he wised up and saw the writing on the wall and all the money to be had selling to the DIYers.

Now I am ready to be flamed and 'beat on'...but truly, I wish each and everyone of you much success in your businesses and hope I have provided just a glimpse of the other sides opinion.


These DIY debates are becoming very tiresome. The complaint here about not about people doing their own nails but instead the insults toward us nail techs being dumbed down rip offs. I'm really sick of hearing how easy SOGP is to you DIYers or that its not rocket science, blah blah, so what. That not the problem. The problem is, we don't appreciate being told what we do, a monkey can do. Or boo hoo techs are just mad they are loosing money. So like Mare said. Do you people work for free? Would it be fine with you if you lost your job, or took a pay cut and we laughed about it? Then dont so it back. It's rude, and un lady like.
DIYgirl I know your not laughing about the issue. But gel polish application may not be rocket science, but there is a science behind what we do. And when we discuss out issues with product it's not the same and uneducated people discussing why its not working in their favor.
Being rude, condescending and judgmental is never very lady like.

I don't condone DIYers doing it to NTs, but I also think it is inappropriate for NTs to do it to DIYers. We are not all a butch of hubristic idiots looking to save a few fact for my friends and I, I would say cost is the least motivating factor in choosing to doing our nails at home.

Seeing the proverbial smirk on a NT's face when they say things, with glee, like I can't wait for them to mess up...wishing ill on others is never lady like, not to mention just bad kharma.

It also irks me when out right misinformation about the legalities of using these SOGs is brandied about...and judgments about people 'sneaking to get product' or that I should be ashamed of myself. I know I did no sneaking to obtain my product. I did the easiest thing imaginable. I googled the product name I was looking for, a year ago that was shellac and gelish, I found multiple sites that had them in stock, added them to my cart, paid for them and they arrived 3-5 days later.

Because I started using the product before many NTs did and loved it and saw the potential I immediately ordered back such I never was without, and did not have to put up with the frustrating back log/ out of stock issues. I can understand the frustration of NT's who couldn't get the product I already had in my hands, but I did nothing under handed to obtain that product.

DIYers are a fact of life and there is room for balance. The sooner NTs understand that and look to improve what they do offer rather than denigrate what others can do, the sooner they will be successful. When so many have had success at home using SOGs, it just comes across as spiteful and downright deceitful to belabor the point of 'it's harder than looks,' when nothing could be further from the truth.

NTs could look to chefs for inspiration...just because I am a really good cook, doesn't mean I don't enjoy a meal out...or I don't recognize a chef as extremely talented...but you just don't hear chefs ranting about the home cook buying professional grade equipment or learning to cook gourmet food.

In any industry/business looking to grow 'value added' is a term/concept that is used a lot. What do you do that others don't or DIYers can't do at home? If you don't do anything special, what can you do? Find that and promote that and people will beat a path to your door. Whine about others or DIYers doing what you have always done and you'll come across bitter and deceitful and people will be running from you.

I actually stopped using Harmony products last year after Danny railed on DIYers, right here on this forum. That he did a 180, only cemented the opinion I formed of him last year...that he was absolutely lying. It offended me that he maintained such disdain for DIYers, all the while being only too happy to take the cash from them.
Quote:Wow, Salon Geek, Shocked You've really got to have a tuff skin to participate in that board. For those who think we're snobby, try that one!

Word! I'm actually too frightened to sign up in case they eat me if I say anything they may not like. You can almost smell the insecurity in there and it's something I keep well away from. I'm glad I found this forum. Such a stark (and welcome) contrast.

This is a great thread due to the sensible responses about business v DIYs. I'll be printing this out for future reference. Smile
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