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Full Version: Clay Canes
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Is there a trick to cutting these. I can't seem to be able to get them thin enough- they are either to thin to where I don't get the whole image, or they come out too thick.

Any suggestions please??
Are you warming them up first? I put them in a little dish of hot water, wait for a minute or so, then they are easier to slice. Also the blade needs to be really sharp for best results.
My blade is sharp, but I will try the water trick.
Hey Jenn, I'm sure that will help !
That worked much better!! Thank you very much!! I think that if I keep practicing that will help too!!!
Thanks again,
what kind of blade are you using? The slicing blade I sell here in the Shoppe is well worth the $7.95 as it will last you forever if you don't muck it up cutting this that and the other thing Smile

The reason it works so well is it is SHARP and very flexible.. giving up the upmost control over your slices. When I demo slice cutting at the networking events (I will be at NENE next weekend) and they can SEE me do it, it becomes clear as a bell.. I did make this little cheesy video that is linked in the FAQ section, if you havent seen it, try this link:
Watch how I hold the cane and the blade and how I use my finger to guide where the blade lands on the cane to begin slicing.. personally I found it helps tons to stand OVER and look DOWN - straight down, as opposed to looking dead on while sitting at the table.

You can warm the canes up a number of ways, yes in a little hot water is fine, in the toaster oven for say 1 minute on warm is an option also

The other thing I will note is that some artists do not "condition" the clay for easy slicing.. almost all my canes have been created that way and are really easy to slice..