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Full Version: Just a rant...
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I just needed to vent a minute about selling etiquette from tech to tech and just how some people have a lack thereof for it. ( not all, but I am seeing it more and more) If you offer something for sale and someone is interested, you work out a price and make the deal, its disgusting that you would them sell the items out from someone because you decided to drag your feet until a different deal came in. KARMA :wink: is all I have left to say. Ok, I am done. Thanks! By the way, I have a few things that I am going to put in the swap for free- you just need to pay the shipping on them, so keep a look out :wink:


Totally agree and the other thing that is a mystery to me is when someone posts an item, you ask a question about it and get no response. Even a simple "it's been sold" would be nice. :wink: