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Full Version: What to do with long nails
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[Image: cid_60F6BC9A-2B81-449D-AD9D-F65D2F076C2B.jpg]
Hi all, I just finished my first long nail, I didn’t take a lot of time on it, because I was excited to see something on it.
Now the big question, what can you do with with them. Frame it? make a necklace? What do you do with them?
Help me please.[/img]


You could get a pretty shadow box from the hobby store and glue a pretty velvet cushion to the entire inside and pin down the nails from the back of the tip so you can display your Long Nail art work. Its very nice by the way!
Very pretty. you could also mount them on the larger birchwood sticks and put them in a pretty container. Paint the sticks if you like.
oh I like that idea.
Someone on here turn her long nails into earrings Nice nail
You could do three or four of them, reinforce with acrylic, drill holes in each end, and join them up to make a bracelet.
Great idea also, maybe two of them with chain and a couple of beads in the middle.
That is gorgeous. Simply beautiful, really.

You could keep making them and when you have enough spell them out to say NAILS, glue it down on felt, then frame. Or, depending on how small licenses are in your state, make enough to frame around your nail license.

Whatever you do, don't keep them hidden. This type of stuff needs to be shown off!
This is one of the things I have decided to do with the long nails,
When they are in the office, only people that come there see them, so I thought this would be a good way for others to see and ask about it in public. I had a plan white head band and I use gorilla glue to hold it in place, I think it looks really good.
I have had help coming up with different things to use them with and all are good ideas, it's going to be a work in progress.

[Image: cid_3BE4CED8-3A52-4CA4-9DCB-B7ACF96B3BE7.jpg]

[Image: cid_50FB4AEF-50A8-4987-BE72-E0BDD706592C.jpg]
that headband looks soooo cool! did you make that nail out of acrylic? don't think I've ever seen a tip that long!

No I bought them on ebay ( which I posted in an earlier post in this form)
They were very cheap, I have seen a lot of painting done on this type of tip so I had to get me a few and play also.
They are long and a little curved so they fit the handband perfectly.
I tried a bracelet but they were to long to lay around the arm, I have some that are a little smaller that might work for that.
I am going to take the black one and make a book mark for my date book.
STUNNING work and that headband is way cool.. great idea.. you all never fail to amaze me with your creativity!

We now have those tips and stiletto tips as well in the BT Shoppe Smile

[Image: SL7087.JPG]

[Image: SL7086.JPG]

I was supposed to get Duck Tips (like angelaglitterfreak does) but they were back orderd..

Just in also a very cool 6pc stackable art storage set

[Image: SL23278.JPG]

AND.. Display Tips on Ring

[Image: SL7045G.JPG]
Your work is stunning. I love the headband Idea. Smile
I bought more bands yesterday, I thought if I gave them to some of my clients daughters, that the other mothers would ask about them and the girls mothers would say OH that was made especially for Jane or what ever the girls name is ( oh BRAIN FART- I Could ADD the girls name in the design!) and then the talk would lead to me. a long with a five dollar bonus for the mother on her rebalancing.
Jeepers, those are beautiful but do people really have nails that long on their actual hands? They are lovely as pieces of art and a chance to show off your skills (which are impressive). I would not like to meet the person who wears nails that length though. Scary!
Most people just display them but Me I want to find uses for them and marketing myself while doing it doesn't hurt.
I don't think I know anyone that wears them.