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Full Version: how much do you guys love me???
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OK you asked I finally did.. it's not perfect, but it functions as it should.. it took me HOURS & HOURS to get this modification accomplished. I tried my best to upgrade to the new version of this forum, I installed a completely different forum.. neither had the functionability that I and you want and need.. then I had to install the entire forum on one of my other domains to test and tweak, I spent hours looking for this modification that my poor coding skills could work with to....

give you..


I hope to set it live tonight for you!

You will now be able to LIKE a particular POST, not a thread, but an individual post with in a thread.. This will NOT get posted to facebook, twitter or anywhere it, it is strictly internally held right here Smile

You will see the new button to LIKE a post along side the Profile, Email and other contact buttons as soon as I finish installing it here Smile
Love it Deb, You ROCK!!!! Big Grin
+1 Big Grin
heheh making some other minor tweaks here.. some to the registration form (better spam controls and changed the wording to maybe keep the consumers from registering), made some changes to the wording in your profiles and will ask you all to update yours.. and a bunch of other doo-dads..
Thanks so much Deb! Now if you could only fix facebook. I hate the new format!!!! LOL


HAHAHA I was so involved testing I posted this under my husbands user name that I use for testing purposes Smile hahahaaaaaaa

OK Ladies & Gents.. hope no one was in here while I finished updating Smile If you were and you got some error messages.. sorry! I think I got everything straight now!

In your Profile, I have changed the wording and would like everyone.. EVERYONE.. to update their profiles.. I was going to add birthdays in also, but one look at the changes that needed to be made.. whoowee.. I dont think so.. yea it would be nice.. but I'm so cooked doing what I did here tonight Smile

So.. that said.. bop on over to your profile
and update:
Location - City State, State or Region:

If you know the direct link to your facebook page you can enter it into the Website box.. go to FB, right click on your name at the top right, choose copy link or copy link location, it should look something like:
and paste it in the Website box

PM's will continue to be OFF here.. I have a long list of reasons.. the biggest is we are here to share not chat behind closed doors or curtains.

I removed the link to the spell checker.. when you click reply you will now see in it's place: SPELL CHECKER REMOVED with instructions to get either google toolbar or use FireFox with it's built in spell checker. haha but firefox says firefox is spelled wrong hahahaa

I tweaked up some visuals that you may or may not even notice..

Avatars will remain limited in size.. some of your avatars are too small now and look icky stretched.. width is 200px - a forced thing, so go make a new avatar and size it to 200 pixels wide. Some of your avatars are missing (Vicki - you are one I noticed.. ) so go fix that if you are guilty Smile

I tweaked up the registration, less spam bots - not that we get that many tho.. and hopefully less consumers..
That said - I will consider closing the nailtech forum to unregistered users.. however - that still means consumers will get in here unless there is some means of checking credentials - which I am not about to do.. that means contacting them, getting them to understand what I need to see, how to get it to me or going to the state sites and doing a lookup, communicating with those outside the US who have no license.., dealing with "doctored" licenses - I would have to SEE the license or do a look up.. a license # in of itself is useless for proof.. NY changes my license number every 2 years.. THEN I would have to go in and manually look up the user and set them to the "group" that is ALLOWED to view the forum - as well I would have to ask every one of the 6000 registered users to do the same and set them all to the ALLOWED group. So closing the forums to unregistered users is the first step.. I will make a poll, and we'll see where we go with that but not tonight.

You now have a nifty LIKE button - this button LIKES a POST - not the entire thread so pay attention.. I made the button big enough you should have no problem finding it.. just click and you will get a confirmation page then returned to where you were..

and get this.. I CAN NOT find where the BLAH is coming from under your names on the posts Smile heheh sitting here for 30 minutes looking for where that got dropped in so I can get rid of it.. I'll keep looking.. ok folks thats it Smile

Have a great nite.. hope you LIKE the changes Smile
Can I go to bed now?? I found the BLAH and removed it finally Smile
Love you to the moon and back....THAT'S how much!! xoxoxoxo
Sooo funny that you did this. I just told Diane the other day how when I see some of the posts I want to go hit 'like' just to know that I like a picture or something but don't want to add much else to the thread. Love it!
LoVe the Like button!!!

On the update for our profiles...can I possibly change my e-mail address? I have had a yahoo one for a while, but cannot change it in my profile...Please let me know what I can do to change this!
Thank you!!!
OHH! I LIKE! Do you know how many times i have LOOKED for the like button only to realize I am not on Facebook! LOL Thanks!!!
eeyorejr. :
> LoVe the Like button!!!
> On the update for our profiles...can I possibly change my e-mail address?
> I have had a yahoo one for a while, but cannot change it in my profile...Please
> let me know what I can do to change this!
> Thank you!!!

There is no reason you cant change your email address.. your user name - no.. that you need to ask me to do.. but your email adress you should be able to do yourself.
i am totally luvin the like button.. thanks deb!!!!