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Full Version: Gel nails
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I had a new client come in today with gel nails that our local discount salon did. She wants them taken off and she is coming in on Saturday to get them off. Is the hard gel taken off just like I would the gel polish? She just wants her natural nails with the gel polish. I could use some infoSmile
There is a couple things to think about. Many discount salons do an acrylic nail with a light cured top coat, or you could have a full set of file off gels, or there are also gel products that are just soak off gels.

The best bet is to try to see what she really has on. If you can not determine what it is, I would buff off most of the product, leaving a thin layer of product (to protect in case her natural nails are thin). Then apply the gel polish over all allowing her natural nails to grow out.
It is a product called Cacee gel. I actually went into the salon and asked what product they used for gel nails. I have never heard of this company and couldn't find any info on how to take off the gel on their website.
yes there is a company called that and yes they have a sog system listed on their website.. take the advice from above.. just file on it and see
Your experience will tell you quickly if this was a soak off gel polish or a soak-off or even a traditional hard gel. First thing I would look at is the thickness of the product on her nails. You should hopefully be able to tell right away if it is a UVGP or not. I agree you should start by filing it off, leaving a thin layer. Possibly at that point wrapping and soaking for 10 minutes to see if the rest comes off easily. It looks like Cacee makes both a soak off and a hard gel - they also sell an acrylic line, so it indeed might be acrylic with a gel topcoat. I think I also did see an ad for a UVGP line for them as well. Did anyone say it was applied from a polish bottle type or a pot type of container?
Wow - what a time I had with this client today. I soaked her nails for over 10 minutes. The gel layer came right off leaving more product on her nails - acrylic!! I don't have a drill, so I filed and then had her soak again in acetone. I just had her soak in a bowl and kept scraping it off. She was there about 3 hrs. Finally got it off, and she was very happy with the result. We decided on Shellac for now. She was happy when she left, I was exhausted!!
oh my! Yes it happens like that sometimes, thankfully it has been a long time since I had to torture myself and the client removing some one else's work.