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Full Version: Podiatrist wants NTs in new Foot Spa
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A podiatrist in St. Louis is building a FANCY foot spa and will be interviewing nail technicians who are willing to become Advanced Nail Technicians or already are. It is soft opening in November in Chesterfield, a suburb of St. Louis.
He is in hopes he can find NTs who are team players, experienced in performing pedicures, willing to take direction/even change their ways without complaint - trust me, 'I know what I am doing, you don't' will not work here. He also wants techs who are experienced at gels. Building prosthetic toenails will be a part of this spa.
This is his first foot spa among many. His advertising budget is BIG, so the techs will grow quickly.
He would love to find an NT with business training for management - he will move her if she is what he wants.
Know this: if you are only into building acrylics (there will be none) and doing great nail art, this is not the place to be. This is a medical facility that will offer PROPER cosmetic pedicures by NTs trained to perform them on all types people, from healthy to diabetic, etc and the techs will work aseptically.
If you are interested, email me and we will talk. I will give you the place to send your resume.
Wow, sounds like a terrible place to work. Just my opinion.
It sounds like a dream job for someone who's not all about, "I'm my own boss". I know I wouldn't fit in there but....the thought of NEVER being able to do art??! way! BUT, there's a huge market out there for just what is described and where better than for working for a podiatrist? Bene's and taxes paid?
I think it's a Great opportunity for the right person! One of the best decisions that I made was taking the ANT courses, I have dedicated 2 days a week to working with a Dr and it has Easily Doubled my business income. Helping him take care of his patients is very gratifying and they are SO appreciative!
I still get to do nails and all of the fun, creative stuff the rest of the week in the salon, so I feel like I have the best of Both worlds. Big Grin
Hi Darcy

I am considering taking the ANT course and would love to ask you a few questions if that's ok. Could you send/give me your private email address? [email protected] is mine


I have to agree that for the right person it could be great....good hours, stability and learning medical assisting is a great skill to have under your belt.


Sounds like a great opportunity for someone who wants to help others and work along side a doctor. Knowledge is powerful!!
I do apologise if I portrayed him as a jerk, he is not. But he is all about success - thankfully - so will be structuring a team that works together, not hiring several individuals that work their own way, and not the way the salon has set up its treatments. For example, when I was an owner and later as a spa director I experienced NTs that I hired telling me "that is not how it is done," and "I think we need to change all this - this is how I do it." In a spa that is set up for success, this just does not work, and he is DEFINITLY setting up for that. He will not be wanting independent, 'do it my way' techs who in reality should be working alone, NOT in a team. (I can relate as I am very independent and want things my way... it's hard working for others if you are like me.)
The menu is being researched and will be set up according to the demographics of the area and as appropriate for chronically ill clients etc. The products also.
Also I did not mean to say NO nail art, but it will be only a side service and not the focus of the spa. They will be doing manicures and pedicures so art has its place for certain, but there will be no acrylics for complex nail art. If that is your style, this place is not for you.
Soletherapist, the courses are discounted until the 31st, so if you are considering taking them, you may want to take a look at

All the NTs in this salon will be becoming Advanced Nail Technicians - he will be paying for it. Though I am certain he would love to hear from techs who are already experienced ANT-Cs!
Hi Janet

Does the price for the MNT course include the ANT modules as well? I think eventually I will want to take both modules but may just do the ANT for now but don't want to end up paying for the ANT modules twice.

Jan, I am interested in learning more! Can you please give me your email address? Or you can contact me @ [email protected] I look foward to speaking with you further about this opportunity!

As a nail tech whose already working for a podiatrist, I would like to pick your brain. Please email me so that we may speak in greater detail.

Thank you

[email protected]
I do apologize for not getting back to you more quickly! Life, you know?

No, you do not pay for the ANT twice. Many techs have taken the ANT and later decided to take the MNT also. In that case, they email me and I send them a paypal invoice just for the remaining part of the ANT/MNT Program. For example, right now the ANT is reduced to $149 from $199, and the ANT/MNT Package is $399, instead of $499. If you purchase it for $149 and later decide to add on the MNT modules, you email me and I will send you an invoice for whatever the remaining amount is and you are all set.

We had to put the MNT in only as a package with the ANT because originaly many technicians felt they did not need the ANT, that they were already advanced. Those who have taken the program will tell them that is not true so we had to change it to a package. But we do want the ANTs to be able to add the MNT modules so this is how it is handled.
Hope this answers your question.