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Full Version: Rant: do you ever feel really under appreciated?
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I like nail art much as the next person, but Omg! I hate when people bring in extreme pictures or have this idea that it should turn out just like the pic. Im good but Im no Sam biddle. I just spent an Hour and a half on making a full set of 3D flowers and then she says "oh i dont like it" Ugh... She wanted 3d she got 3d and NO ONE in my town does 3D but me so i guess Shes kinda stuck with it. I still charged her. I just want to cry, being winter i need very client i can get and Im afraid she wont come back. There is also a communication barrier which is making things tough even though her daughter translates. Im just disgusted. Has this happened to you?

Click my fb link below and you'll see the picture
I think you did a lovely job. I would be happy to wear those. When my clients bring in pictures (which I encourage) I always go over it with them and tell them what it's going to end up looking like, if I think there is a possibility it won't look exactly like the picture. I get their consent on that before I begin. Most of the time they like it just as much, and sometimes better than the original. I'm sorry this client didn't like them, but in terms of the work done, they look great and I'm sure other people will notice your artwork on them and appreciate them Smile


Try not to take it to personal, if she doesn't like the way it turned out, that just means she has a different idea of what she wanted it to be, not that it was bad work or that she didn't appreciate the time you took to do it. We work so hard and we love a pat on the back, but what happens if the client doesn't like the look after all? I appreciate the time and effort it takes to create any art let alone 3d acrylic. If that means anything.
I love the line in Double Jeopardy when the lady takes in a picture of the haircut she wants and Ashley Judd says that the only way she can make her hair look like that is if she staples the picture to her forehead.

Clients need to understand that we have our own limitations and put our own spins on things and if they expect a duplicate of something they see in a picture, they need to find that artist (who probably still can't make an exact replica).

It sucks, but we have to just shrug that kind of stuff off and move forward.
Is she a regular customer? If yes, then you might consider making some 3-D acrylic flowers in advance on a sheet of acetate. That way she could pick the ones she likes and you can apply them.