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Full Version: stamping
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Can I use the stamping nail art on gel nails? If so would I put the stamp on before the top coat sealer?
Yes, I do this all the time. I finish-file the nails, then do the stamping, then seal with a UV gel top coat. Works great Smile
Thanks! New to the industry and stampingSmile
What a frustrating time I had with trying to figure out the stamping process! I never did get the design on to the stamp. When I scraped the excess polish off the plate, there is no polish left on the design. I tried different colors of polish too but it was all the same issue. What am I doing wrong?
Are you using the polish that came with the stamp plates? I haven't tried any other polish, but I know some people have had luck with older polishes that are a bit thicker.

Also, you may be scraping too hard. I know I was when I first started using them. I also find that using an old credit card works better for me than the scraper that came in the kit.
No polish came with the stamp and scraper or the plates. Is there a certain brand polish I should use? I got these at the nail show this past weekend and no one mentioned a certain polish to use. I'll try using an old credit card and see if that works any better. Thanks!
If you're referring to Konad stamping plates, they make their own polish to be used with them. That's what I use, and I don't have any problems. If you don't have their polish, try using an old, thicker polish, something that's dried up and a bit gloppy. See if that works better for you Smile
I had a hard time at first but then when you finish putting polish on plate you want to go quickly to use the stamp and then quickly to the nail. That made a BIG difference for me. hth.......=~)