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Full Version: NSI gel what lamp to use???
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I am going to try out the NSI builder gels and I have the CND shellac lamp which is 18watts, but on the CND page it says 4 9watt bulbs. NSI site says to use lamp with 4 9 watt bulbs. Do you think this will work or should i get the NSI lamp too? I just dont want to have a huge collections of lamps for all different products. Oh and I also have the Gelish Mini light that is a .9 watt LED but same cure time as A UV lamp. 1 min 2 min

Sorry I meant on the CND page the lamp is 4 9 watt bulbs.

LOL just noticed the little edit button so this messages doesnt matter now thanks


As long as it's a 36 watt uv lamp it will cure. (four 9 watt bulbs =36watts) Big Grin
Uumm? I'm not understanding the cnd lamp then. It says 18 watts but then it says 4 9 watt bulbs. Which would be 36 watts. I might have to call and ask them questions.


Yea, I don't know anything about the CND lamps. But I have a PNI 2 handed lamp (36watt) that has two 18 watt bulbs in it.
4 x 9 watt bulbs don't add up to 36 watts.

It's still 9 watts but the light output is greater and that's what you make your measurements on. This is why you refer to company information on their lamps as without testing equipment only they would be able to tell you.

Normally companies have a fair idea what works with their product and what doesn't.


That is true, four 9 watt bulbs are still 9 watt, but sold as 36 watt lamps. It's just how it is. It's not a single 36 watt bulb, its several lower watts to create the curing coverage needed for the gel. If the system says 36 watts then you buy a lamp that says 36 watt. Also I use PNI lamps, always have and always will unless a better price comes around. Your shellac and other SOGP as well as hard and soft gel will cure in them if they are 36 watt cure. My two 18 watt bulbs really are an 18 watt output sold as curing 36 watt products.