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Full Version: UV Lamp for Gel Toes
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Could I use a small 9watt lamp for gel polish toes?
Such as this one:

My regular lamp is too large to work with my pedi setup.
Depends on which gel polish you use! All of Nailite Gels & SOGs will cure in it. Gelousy OneStep also. Gelish, ECO, NSI Polish Pro won't. Those are the only ones I've tried.
I use one for my road calls and I've never had a problem with it curing Gelousy or any Nailite gel. Beats lugging a tunnel around. It's also handy for flash-curing TEN.
Crud... just looked at the link. Mine isn't exactly like that one. The base on mine is alot thinner. Like this one:

But, yes, a single bulb 9w will work with some gel polishes!