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Full Version: Problem Viewing "Young Nails" Tutorials
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I purchased the Young Nails Gel line, but I am not able to get the educational video tutorials to play from my computer. They come up but they keep pausing so they cannot be viewed.

I'm not sure what causes the constant pausing of the video. (I log into the site and have a brand new computer.) Anyone else experience this?

Also, any instructions for gel application on the site are printed in a weird tiny fuzzyish type so they cannot be easily read. Tried to enlarge the pages but it's still hard to decifer the print.

I can call them tomorrow, but they are California time and wanted to try to view these today on my day off. Not sure if they will know what causes this to happen....
Pauses while playing video (any video) online are usually due to a slow speed of download. This would have nothing to do with your computer and everything to do with your internet service and the download speed you pay for. Rarely it is due to heavy traffic on the site.

Often times you can open up the video and wait for awhile while it "loads" (do not press the play button yet). then after it had loaded most of the way press play and the video will play without pauses. HTH.
Yes, just let the buffer build up and then you can view the entire video without any pauses.
Thanks so much!! - would not have ever known that was the cause - I'm not overly computer savvy...

ive had much better luck watching their videos on youtube, they have a whole young nails vid tutorial section