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Full Version: Yooohooo! Scratchmyback.
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I didn't want to hijack another thread so I thought I'd create one on its own.

I love your avatar.
Did you do those stained glass look nails?
If so, how?
They are awesome!
Why thank you Toothypegs (I love your name!) Yes I did those - if you are on Facebook I posted a tutorial for them last year...just friend-request me under my name and you'll be hooked up Smile Or email me and I can send you the link, if you're not on FB.
Please allow me to chime in here....

Laura's an excellent nail tech and always willing to help! Toothypegs, all of her work is awesome, she'll be one of your most valuable 'friends' on FB.

Laura, you rock 8)
I love them too! I commented on your avatar on a different thread!
And I can second lovelylokz, laura has always been very helpful for me & now off to watch that tutorial!!!
Thank you both, you're very sweet Smile I've learned so much from this site and from other people, so I don't mind sharing and if you find it helpful, I'm pleased.
Laura is one of the nicest, most helpful and giving people I know. I am very proud to call her FRIEND!