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Full Version: YN Synergy vs OPI Axxium
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I am really not familiar with different types of gels. In my salon, the last nail tech used YN and I brought in the axxium. Is YN gel one that has to be filed off and axxium soaked off? I am not referring to the polish gels, just the regular gel for an enhancement. School didn't go into gel differences at all and we only used the gel for a half day. The salon is getting calls for gel enhancements not just gel polish. I really only want to focus on natural nails but I'm new and don't want to limit myself. I won't do acrylic - liquid/powder but am open to gels. I've watched Youtube, the website tutorials but it doesn't explain what I need to know. Thanks!
OPI Axxium is soak off, YN sculpturing gels are classic gels (file off). There are lots of gels that work very differently. When your starting out its hard to invest in new products, but if things don't go so easily for you with these products you might want to try others... You shouldn't feel like your chasing gel or having to dig it out of the cuticle, it should be easy to apply and easy to work with. There are so many companies its hard to choose, if you live somewhere near a trade show it will be very beneficial for you to go and watch and pick up a brush (most booths should let you play with the gel if you ask). You'll find one that *feels* right for you. Smile Get a mentor! They can be invaluable.
OPI Axxium buildable gel does NOT soak off. Its file off only (sounds like young nails is same way). My school kit came with Axxium as well and I am NOT a fan of it. I think its very thin and hard to work with. It also has a really hot heat spike and clients HATE that and I feel terrible when it happens.
Axxium & young nails have both types of gel, young nails synergy gel is the hard gel & maniQ is the soak off version, then both companies have soak off gel polish, I think this goes for a lot of gel systems out there, that way you have a choice & can cater to different clients taste & needsSmile hope this helpsSmile
exactly, OPIs version is Axxium soak off, which is the lacquer
There are almost too many options out there for us and it is all very confusing I know!

I wrote this article early on during the introduction of the UV Gel Polishes, it might help you:
Gel Types - Descriptions Topic: Instructions, Tips, Guides
Are you confused about the different types of gels available? A guide to the different type of professional gels

What is not in the article is brand names for obvious reasons.
Axxium is a soak-off gel. It falls in the soft, soaks off in 20 minutes category. OPI's new line is a soft, soaks off in 5-10 minutes category.
I think some of the Axxium line is also considered a hard gel as Stella said below.

Unfortunately there is no industry standard for defining the type of product it is, which category it falls into. The only real way for you to make the determination is reading the application and removal instructions.